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Created by great geniuses

I am fun and sad. I am fast and slow. I get louder and I get softer. And I am created by great geniuses. What am I?

Ultimate killing machine

I am the ultimate killing machine, used not once but TWICE, I can be made by humans. What am I?

Travels in a gaggle

I travel in a gaggle. What am I?

I am commonly abbreviated to H

I am commonly abbreviated to H. What am I?

Strawberry to toe

My flavors range from strawberry to toe. What am I?

Provides cover for games of footsie

I provide cover for games of footsie and tax free wages. What am I?

Not a lot of people understand my language

My first half means container. Not a lot of people understand my language. What am I?

Turn around

I turn around once. What is out will not get in. I turn around again. What is in will not get out. What am I?

Shoot at me thousand times, I still survive

Shoot at me a thousand times and I may still survive; one scratch from me, and you will find your prospects take a dive. What am I?

A house with two occupants

A house with two occupants, sometimes one, rarely three. Break the walls, eat the borders, then throw me away. What am I?

As your ideas grow, I shrink

As your ideas grow, I shrink. What am I?

Flow from the mouth

I flow from the mouth of Homer when he sees doughnuts. What am I?

I don't forget

I don't forget! What am I?

Count on me

I can be used to type and point you see. But don't forget, you can count on me. What am I?

Flash of light on a grey day

A flash of light on a grey day. If you're made of metal, you best stay away. What am I?

Crushed on Wendy Darling

I crushed on Wendy Darling. What am I?

Weightless but seen

I am weightless, but you can see me. Put me in a bucket, and I'll make it lighter. What am I? Hole Show Answer

Shared by goats, devils and unicorns

I am shared by goats, devils, and unicorns. What am I? Horns Show Answer

Skirts for men

Skirts for men. What am I? Kilt Show Answer

Carried by mad animals

I am carried by mad animals. What am I? Rabies Show Answer